"Bad Laws are the worst

sort of tyranny" -Edmund Burke

Public Safety and Securing Liberties

Public Safety and securing individual liberties are the primary and most important responsibilities of government.

Private Property Rights

Private property rights and freedom are indelibly intertwined. We can't diminish or lose one without diminishing or losing the other. Eddie has been a leading defender of private property rights, which include business rights. We have a right to secure our future through private property ownership with minimal government intrusion.


A good quality education is essential in preparing the next generation. Eddie believes that parents understand the needs of their children better than bureaucrats and he has been a tireless proponent of education choice. For the past twenty-three years Eddie has been a leader in empowering parents through competition in education supporting district schools, charter schools, private schools and home schooling.

Second Amendment

Eddie is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and will continue to defend your constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Taxes and Fiscal Responsibility

We are all entitled to the benefit of our labors with limited and minimal government burdens. Therefore, government should only tax at the level that is required to perform those functions and provide those services that are 1) constitutional, 2) the proper role of government, and 3) good policy. Government should operate within its means through structurally sound budgets and without excessive debt.

Job Creation and Economic Growth

The private sector is where true job creation and economic growth occur. Government can promote and foster job creation and economic growth through sound policies, such as, low taxes and minimal regulatory intrusion. The result would be less government "crowding out" of the private sector and greater incentive for private sector investment.

Border Security and Immigration

Securing our border is critical for national security and the safety of every Arizonan. The federal government has failed its constitutional duty to defend the sovereignty of this great republic and the liberty of its citizens. Arizona has a duty to step up and protect the citizens of Arizona against failed federal policy and demand that the federal government fulfill its constitutional obligations.

Respect For Life

Eddie is staunchly pro-life and believes the constitution and all of its protections apply to the unborn.